Fayetteville, AR Residents: Start Treating Your Whiplash Today


Have you been involved in a recent automobile crash, sporting accident, assault, fall, or some other physical or aggressive intrusion? Are you experiencing tenderness or swelling of the neck or shoulders, muscle spasms, or jaw tightness? If you are dealing with any of these symptoms after a physical disturbance to your body, you may have a serious condition.

What is Whiplash?

The word “whiplash” is fun to say but is most certainly not an enjoyable condition to deal with. This nonmedical term describes the neck pain that follows an injury of the neck’s soft tissues (including the tendons, ligaments, and muscles). It results when an abnormal motion or force is applied to the neck that causes movement atypical of the neck’s standard range of motion. A flexion-extension motion that pulls and strains the neck muscles and ligaments is the typical culprit in these situations, and is the driving force behind the majority of searches for types of whiplash treatment Fayetteville, AR has available. 

Other Causes

Auto accidents are the leading cause of whiplash, but there are other ways to acquire this injury:

• Sports injuries 
• Hard cranial hits, by falling objects or assault
• Strains caused by sudden changes in direction of the neck, examples including minor bicycle accidents, roller coasters, and some falls can cause whiplash
• Chronic straining of the neck (holding the phone in the crook of your neck, for example)
• Repetitive stress injuries
• Shaking a young child can cause whiplash

What Symptoms Should You Look For?

Besides the obvious symptoms of stiff and/or sore neck, what else is a sign of whiplash?

Other symptoms include:
• Back and neck tenderness
• Swelling of the neck
• Muscle spasms in the front or back of your neck, and along the back of your shoulders
• Unusual headache, difficulty with concentration, or interrupted sleep patterns
• Unusual fatigue
• Tightness of the jaw or difficulty chewing
• Vision can also be affected in severe cases, along with tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and other symptoms of nerve irritation

Diagnosis and Treatment

It is imperative to consult with a professional if you suspect you have whiplash. A trained chiropractor is equipped with superior digital x-ray technology and cutting-edge approaches to treating various issues and conditions. They can address any type of injury through advanced digital analysis of the spine, and then determine which approach will best aid your recovery. 

There is more than 1 type of treatment available to patients, depending on circumstances and severity of the injury, all of which will be assessed by a chiropractor before treatment is determined. 

Available types of treatment:

• Chiropractic care – involves manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine 
• The use of a cervical collar during the first few days following an accident 
• Sports rehab – a multi-disciplinary approach involving sports participation as an approach to recovery. Also includes range of motion activities, muscle strengthening techniques, ultrasound, or electrical stimulation in some cases
• Custom orthotics – custom-made inserts designed and placed in a patient’s shoes to support natural structure and alignment of the body


All cases of whiplash are different, and should be assessed by a professional in order to determine the necessary treatment. If you are in AR and have been in an auto accident, been involved in an assault, or suffered a sports or other type of injury to the head or neck, it is time to start searching for whiplash treatment from a reputable chiropractor. 

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